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 Dance Devil: King of Hell's Disco

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Rv. Xen
Rv. Xen

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PostSubject: Dance Devil: King of Hell's Disco   Sat Oct 27, 2007 6:52 pm

The year: 1978. The place: New York's hottest nightclubs. The Person: Dance Devil. After a freak chemical spilled onto Rob Roger's face as a child, he became deaf. But for some unknowable reason he was suddenly imbued with the power to see soundwaves! Using this awesome new gift, he donned the atire of Travolta and stepped onto the light-floor as Dance Devil! He's able to see downbeats, upbeats and melodies to make all the right moves in perfect sychronization with the music.

and it is there where he finds the love of his life, Etcetera, trained in the Mediterranian Ninja ways of Grooving! but she has a dark side she can't mambo away from...

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Dance Devil: King of Hell's Disco
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