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 Spuds Malone (bits and pieces)

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Rv. Xen
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PostSubject: Spuds Malone (bits and pieces)   Spuds Malone (bits and pieces) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2007 11:09 pm

Spuds staggered down the alleyway, clutching his abdomen with his left hand as his right gripped the revolver firmly. He had another run-in with a mafioso gang, the bullet in his side proved so. He didnít recollect who exactly it was that fired the first shot, but that didnít matter at this moment. Right then all he had were questions: where would he find a doctor to discreetly fix him up at this time of night? How much blood could be lost from a stomach wound before he passed out? Why did he insist on having that last shot of whiskey and burbon? Thatís what happened, he recollected, I was repeating my favorite sport of binge drinking, trying to drown out the pain of regret and gout and I must have, uh, waved my gun around again, telling too many secrets and many more lies. The crowd at Stuís donít like that sorta thing happening, they hadta shut me up. Are they in on It? Did they work for THEM?
A blinking neon sign caught his slurred vision. NAUGHTY NIKKI, NIGHT NURSE it flashed at him. Spuds thanked his god, Jack Daniels, for the turn of events. He slammed the butt of his revolver against the entrance door, causing it to shoot off and destroy one of the Hís in the sign. He felt the blackout coming on, but this was a different one than usual, it was much more black. Slumping forward, he collapsed against the door, drool mixing with blood mixing with shattered glass mixing with broken dreams. THEY finally beat me, were his last thoughts before the void overtook himÖ

Lingerie and panties.
Hose too, lots of hose.
Where am I?
Spudsí mind started to form back together into coherant thoughts. He started moved but found that he couldnít. He was bound naked to a large pink bed with what appeared to be dainty womenís apparel. With effort he lifted his head and noticed that his stomach was wrapped in more unmentionables, pink prevailing in motif.
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Spuds Malone (bits and pieces)
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