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 Juan Reguero

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PostSubject: Juan Reguero   Sun Oct 28, 2007 3:14 am

In his prime, Juan was, well, a real Don Juan. *rimshot*
Women wanted him, men wanted to be him, and the sexually confused became even more confused because of him. Sex was his life and his life was sex. But his world came crashing down when an old woman struck him on the head. When he came to he awoke to a nightmare. He had become something resembling a fleshy omnibus. People say that the old woman was a witch, who had cursed him for his life of decadence, to teach him for his womanising ways. He says that the old bag just did it because he turned her down, and that while he was unconscious his body absorbed the jello that he was wrestling nubile young women in at the time.

Strangely, the handsome features of his face have been saved from the flab. This has proved a blessing and a curse. The preservation of his handsome face has enabled him to get a job as a newsreader, but he cannot go to the social events and whatever other crap they do without people reeling back in horror. Despite this, his sense of humour and lust for life remains, and he continues his high sea adventuaaas.
He can also move quite fast for someone of his stature, which confuses people even more.

Strip number JUAN -

Strip number 2 -
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Rv. Xen

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PostSubject: Re: Juan Reguero   Sun Oct 28, 2007 11:25 am

heehee! I really want to see Juan still try to find love in a world that thinks he's a freak! or maybe pretend like it's not there when people recoil in horror...

"Oh, please? This? You hate me because of THIS little thing? You know what, you're shallow! I thought you'd be able to see through this slight anomaly of mine and love me for who I am, not what i look like! Good luck trying to find anyone in this lifetime, toots!" and then he rolls away...
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Juan Reguero
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