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 Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy!

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PostSubject: Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy!   Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2007 6:34 pm

Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Pbucket

I don't really have a background for him...but...
I'll just pull the explanation I gave on devART

You have a Sick Varmint. Call Rickshaw.
His solution?
His gun.
Is that twisted? Yes, but he doesn't work on domesticated animals...just wild animals...
See he calls himself a vet so that he can hunt all year round without the feds asking for a cut of the profits from his Taxidermy business...

or something...

Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Pbucket
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Rv. Xen
Rv. Xen

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PostSubject: Re: Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy!   Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2007 8:36 pm

because any info is good info:

ShaneMan4582 (5:24:32 PM): SO, as part of updating The PUBDOM, i need to start coming up with random characters to submit to them
ShaneMan4582 (5:26:01 PM): today Ned and I came up with the Cloven Criminals, a hooved-based supervillian team
Jedimastertaylor (5:26:25 PM): heh the CC
ShaneMan4582 (5:26:33 PM): it started with my suggestion of a character called, Nothing Gnu, The Invisible Wildebeest
Jedimastertaylor (5:26:44 PM): take Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy
ShaneMan4582 (5:26:53 PM): how bout you submit him?
Jedimastertaylor (5:27:09 PM): ....**sweat** HOW I DO THAT?
ShaneMan4582 (5:27:30 PM): easy, when you go to his page there will be a download button
ShaneMan4582 (5:27:40 PM): do so, that will give you the url of the file
Jedimastertaylor (5:27:55 PM): Oh I have him hosted on Photobucket
ShaneMan4582 (5:28:02 PM): that works too
ShaneMan4582 (5:29:45 PM): then when you create a new post at The PUBDOM, press the url button and then add the address then press the button again
ShaneMan4582 (5:29:58 PM): sorry not the url button the image button
Jedimastertaylor (5:30:02 PM): zoom!
Jedimastertaylor (5:30:08 PM): can you link me to the Pub?
ShaneMan4582 (5:30:30 PM):
Jedimastertaylor (5:34:55 PM): done and done
ShaneMan4582 (5:35:09 PM): FABULOUS!
ShaneMan4582 (5:36:55 PM): hey, maybe the Cloven Criminals, the Unmerciful Ungulates can be his villians!
Jedimastertaylor (5:37:35 PM): who are the latter?
ShaneMan4582 (5:38:00 PM): the same, just a different name
ShaneMan4582 (5:38:12 PM): Ungulates means cloven feet animals
Jedimastertaylor (5:38:14 PM): oh....
Jedimastertaylor (5:38:18 PM): heh
ShaneMan4582 (5:38:41 PM): Nothing Gnu is really easy to draw, because he's invisible
ShaneMan4582 (5:39:16 PM): Ned's contribution was Shadow Goat
Jedimastertaylor (5:39:46 PM): heh
ShaneMan4582 (5:40:01 PM): would you like to read our discussion of them?
ShaneMan4582 (5:40:10 PM): it's fairly humorous
Jedimastertaylor (5:40:22 PM): sure
Send Message Failed. Message is too long.
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ShaneMan4582 (5:41:39 PM): ShaneMan4582 (11:14:03 AM): i just thought of a strange character idea
nedasfolk (11:15:12 AM): yeah?
ShaneMan4582 (11:15:12 AM): he'd be called Nothing Gnu, the Invisble Wildebeest
ShaneMan4582 (11:15:44 AM): that's all i have
nedasfolk (11:16:01 AM): hahaha
ShaneMan4582 (11:16:11 AM): yep
ShaneMan4582 (11:16:45 AM): he could be part of the Utterly Useless Team
nedasfolk (11:16:52 AM): UDDERLY
nedasfolk (11:16:56 AM): and they can be bovine

Jedimastertaylor (5:42:02 PM): hmmm....
Send Message Failed. Message is too long.
ShaneMan4582 (5:42:36 PM):
nedasfolk (11:17:27 AM): can they be villians and be cloven foes
ShaneMan4582 (11:17:44 AM): Cloven Criminals
nedasfolk (11:17:47 AM): hahaha
nedasfolk (11:17:55 AM): Shadow Goat
ShaneMan4582 (11:17:59 AM): and one of them is a confused leprechaun
ShaneMan4582 (11:18:14 AM): who thought it was the clover
ShaneMan4582 (11:18:18 AM): criminals
Jedimastertaylor (5:42:58 PM): heh
ShaneMan4582 (5:43:00 PM): nedasfolk (11:18:39 AM): hahahahahaha
nedasfolk (11:18:40 AM): yes
nedasfolk (11:18:42 AM): he has one arm
ShaneMan4582 (11:18:45 AM): haha!
ShaneMan4582 (11:18:59 AM): no explanation, just one arm
ShaneMan4582 (11:19:17 AM): the others are too awkward to ask him about it
ShaneMan4582 (11:19:25 AM): they just kind of stare
Jedimastertaylor (5:43:19 PM): O_O
ShaneMan4582 (5:43:27 PM): nedasfolk (11:19:51 AM): hahah
nedasfolk (11:20:07 AM): I like doing shit like that with characters because later you can explain it
ShaneMan4582 (11:20:12 AM): they could also be called the Unmerciful Ungulates
nedasfolk (11:20:13 AM): and since he always didn't have an arm its not too contrived
ShaneMan4582 (5:43:54 PM): ShaneMan4582 (11:20:54 AM): but since they can't really do much they don't have any heroes to fight
ShaneMan4582 (11:21:08 AM): shadow goat eats garbage and people thank him
ShaneMan4582 (11:21:24 AM): though he hates humanity
nedasfolk (11:21:49 AM): hahaha
ShaneMan4582 (11:21:51 AM): yet is plighted by the fact that humans create garbage which he eats thus creating a symbiotic relationship
ShaneMan4582 (5:44:30 PM): nedasfolk (11:21:57 AM): did i ever tell you about shadow goat?
ShaneMan4582 (11:22:02 AM): no
nedasfolk (11:22:05 AM): hahah
nedasfolk (11:22:10 AM): he is the arch nemesis of my friends here
nedasfolk (11:22:12 AM): and
nedasfolk (11:22:23 AM): he disguises himself as people because he can shape shift!
Jedimastertaylor (5:44:48 PM): the fiend!
ShaneMan4582 (5:45:06 PM): nedasfolk (11:22:30 AM): and its like "I'd like an orange julius"
ShaneMan4582 (11:22:34 AM): a goat in human clothing!
nedasfolk (11:22:36 AM): and hte employee is like "WE'RE OUT OF ORANGE"
nedasfolk (11:22:41 AM): "WE'RE OUT OF JULIUS"
nedasfolk (11:22:46 AM): and hten he transforms into shadow goat
nedasfolk (11:22:51 AM): and everyone screams SHADOW GOAT!!!
nedasfolk (11:22:53 AM): because it is a surprise
ShaneMan4582 (11:22:59 AM): ...of course
ShaneMan4582 (5:45:28 PM): nedasfolk (11:23:02 AM): and sometimes he kidnaps you to his fortress of goatitude
ShaneMan4582 (11:23:07 AM): haha
nedasfolk (11:23:14 AM): and you need to call your friends to get a ride
nedasfolk (11:23:26 AM): "yeah i'm at shadow goats... yeah... i know you're busy... well can randy come get me"
Jedimastertaylor (5:45:48 PM): haha
ShaneMan4582 (5:46:04 PM): nedasfolk (11:23:42 AM): if you have work hte next day he'll let you go home early
nedasfolk (11:23:45 AM): he's really good about that
nedasfolk (11:23:57 AM): hahaha essentially shadow goat is just very lonely
ShaneMan4582 (11:24:21 AM): he's the lex luthor archetype of the Unmerciful Ungulates
ShaneMan4582 (11:24:37 AM): or the Pissed-Off Perissodactyls
ShaneMan4582 (11:24:44 AM): or the Angry Artiodactyls
ShaneMan4582 (5:46:31 PM): and that was that
Jedimastertaylor (5:47:05 PM): I like Angry Aerodactyl
Jedimastertaylor (5:47:19 PM):
ShaneMan4582 (5:47:49 PM): welll... it's actually Artiodactyl
Jedimastertaylor (5:47:51 PM): sounds cool
Jedimastertaylor (5:47:55 PM): I know
ShaneMan4582 (5:47:56 PM): heh
ShaneMan4582 (5:48:00 PM): nice link though
Jedimastertaylor (5:48:15 PM): well that IS an Aerodactyl...
Jedimastertaylor (5:48:23 PM): He'th a pokiman
Jedimastertaylor (5:48:50 PM): so you only have those two characters...three rather?
Jedimastertaylor (5:49:06 PM): and has anyone sketched them out yet?
ShaneMan4582 (5:52:00 PM): nope
ShaneMan4582 (5:52:09 PM): i think i'm gonna do that tonight and put them up
Jedimastertaylor (5:52:12 PM): curses
Jedimastertaylor (5:52:14 PM): do it
ShaneMan4582 (5:52:21 PM): do you want them in the same world as your cowboy vet?
Jedimastertaylor (5:52:38 PM): and I'll try and come up with more for this guild of nefarious plottings
Jedimastertaylor (5:52:46 PM): haha I don't care man
ShaneMan4582 (5:52:52 PM): keedo.
Jedimastertaylor (5:52:56 PM): maybe he can be a big dumb lackey for them
ShaneMan4582 (5:52:59 PM): haha
ShaneMan4582 (5:53:07 PM): he's the only one who believes in them
Jedimastertaylor (5:53:10 PM): like Mongo in Blazing Saddles
ShaneMan4582 (5:53:13 PM): right
Jedimastertaylor (5:53:31 PM): and he is charged by them to go out and kill their animal rivals
ShaneMan4582 (5:53:36 PM): haha
Jedimastertaylor (5:53:56 PM): which mainly consist of seagulls
Jedimastertaylor (5:54:00 PM): and chihuahuas
ShaneMan4582 (5:54:52 PM): hahaha
ShaneMan4582 (5:55:01 PM): sea-chihuahuas
Jedimastertaylor (5:55:03 PM): and the occasional Husky.
Jedimastertaylor (5:55:09 PM): Sea-huahua's
ShaneMan4582 (5:55:16 PM): ooh, better
Jedimastertaylor (5:56:08 PM): Chihuahuas are special Marines.
Jedimastertaylor (5:56:32 PM): but they don't do anything to their enemies except bark a whole hell of a lot
ShaneMan4582 (5:56:44 PM): and nip ankles
Jedimastertaylor (5:57:00 PM): the bovoids don't much care for that
Jedimastertaylor (5:58:02 PM): The Benevolent Bovine...
Jedimastertaylor (5:58:10 PM): he's the gentle giant of the group
Jedimastertaylor (5:58:34 PM): but when he is challenged he runs his foes through with his horns of truth.
Jedimastertaylor (5:58:41 PM): which are made of gold...
Jedimastertaylor (5:58:43 PM): and plastic
ShaneMan4582 (5:58:59 PM): plastic gold
Jedimastertaylor (5:59:15 PM): Gold Pressed Plastic
ShaneMan4582 (5:59:56 PM): are you copying and pasting this to the forum?
Jedimastertaylor (6:00:11 PM): not
Jedimastertaylor (6:00:13 PM): *no
ShaneMan4582 (6:00:14 PM): if not, it is imperative that you do so
ShaneMan4582 (6:00:28 PM): all random information MUST be recorded
Jedimastertaylor (6:01:00 PM): well yeah
Jedimastertaylor (6:01:03 PM): but where to pu it?
Jedimastertaylor (6:01:09 PM): Im just expanding on your thing
ShaneMan4582 (6:01:17 PM): in the cowboy vet forum
ShaneMan4582 (6:01:24 PM): or thread, rather
Jedimastertaylor (6:02:04 PM): you post up the stuff you have I'll post up what I have
Jedimastertaylor (6:02:05 PM): also
Jedimastertaylor (6:02:15 PM): The Benevolent Bovine is a Brahma Steer
ShaneMan4582 (6:02:23 PM): deer god
ShaneMan4582 (6:02:33 PM): haha, Deer Gawd
ShaneMan4582 (6:02:47 PM): Deer Gawd vs the Benevolent Bovine
Jedimastertaylor (6:02:53 PM): heh
Jedimastertaylor (6:05:30 PM): have you put your convo up yet?
ShaneMan4582 (6:05:49 PM): not the one with ned, i'm gonna draw up a character sheet soon
Jedimastertaylor (6:06:15 PM): bah
ShaneMan4582 (6:06:53 PM): baaa
Jedimastertaylor (6:07:14 PM): give them a gang....
Jedimastertaylor (6:07:29 PM): for protection and "eyes and ears" on the street
Jedimastertaylor (6:07:32 PM): called the Black Sheep
Jedimastertaylor (6:07:49 PM): but their all white sheep, they however do not have sunny dispositions
Jedimastertaylor (6:07:54 PM): *they're
ShaneMan4582 (6:08:30 PM): haha
ShaneMan4582 (6:08:41 PM): man this is beautiful
Jedimastertaylor (6:08:58 PM): They're all quite ill-tempered...
Jedimastertaylor (6:09:00 PM): Oh man!
Jedimastertaylor (6:09:05 PM): They all have leather jackets
Jedimastertaylor (6:09:17 PM): made out of former members who couldn't handle the heat
ShaneMan4582 (6:09:25 PM): gross!
Jedimastertaylor (6:09:26 PM): THAT IS BRUTAL!
ShaneMan4582 (6:09:26 PM): haha
ShaneMan4582 (6:09:33 PM): brutal sheep
Jedimastertaylor (6:09:40 PM): BBS
Jedimastertaylor (6:09:44 PM): The Brutal Black Sheep
ShaneMan4582 (6:11:22 PM): they could have a socialist male cow called the Bullshevek
Jedimastertaylor (6:11:41 PM): heh
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PostSubject: Re: Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy!   Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2007 8:38 pm

Very Happy

Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Pbucket
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PostSubject: Re: Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy!   Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy! Icon_minitime

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Rickshaw the Veterinarian Cowboy!
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