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 Earth (2078-21??)

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PostSubject: Earth (2078-21??)   Earth (2078-21??) Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2007 2:05 am

Sorry about the weird tense and the length, it's a chunk from a book I'm writing.

Originally, this planet was one. It had different countries, politics, religions, priorities, but there were no physical boundaries between them other then water, and even that could be crossed. There were wars and people were killed, but they were still allowed to die, be remembered, and be spoken of. There was genocide, but people were still noticed enough for that to be a problem.
In about 2078, this planet split in two and it remains that way today. An electric border was created that made it almost impossible to cross from one side to the other, and it is constantly guarded. On one side of the border is the City, an urban paradise. Families range from three to four and they are always made up of a mother, father, and children. The men all work, either in factories or offices, while women normally work at home. Sometimes they work in retail stores, but that is becoming more uncommon. The streets are perfectly paved and straight, making up a grid pattern. All roads lead to the capital, where the king, called President presides. There is a curfew that supposedly keeps the public safe; it is when the police force, which we call Diamond Dogs stalk the streets.
On the other side of the border is the World, an overgrown forest filled with convicts. These go from murderers, rapists, thieves, people with mental and physical handicaps, people who are out after curfew, people who are just different, holy men, and any one else who doesn’t fit into the perfect ideal of the City. There are no walls, there are no borders, and when created it was extremely large, thanks to environmentalists who ended up being banished there. It is largely considered a realm of Satanists and savages by those living in the City.
After 30 years of this the City started moving the borders, giving them more space. The World started becoming overpopulated as the City took away their space and kept sending people over the border, without hope of ever returning. Every year the City multiplies, taking space away from the World.
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Earth (2078-21??)
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