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 We Are the Dead: Hackjob

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PostSubject: We Are the Dead: Hackjob   Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:02 am

This is Hackjob, a young (19) hacker who lives in the city (Earth 21etc). He is very frail and sickly, but he was hidden from the Diamond Dogs by his parents, so he wouldn't be sent to the World. His parents were also smugglers, and that was the only way he got the medication he needed to survive. While hiding in a closet, his parents were taken and sent to the World. He immediately left home and moved from hotel to motel to hotel, hiding his condition as well as possible. The only thing he took from home was the money he needed and an old fashioned laptop, which he uses to hack into computers all over the city. He's quite pro.
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We Are the Dead: Hackjob
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