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PostSubject: Aliestar Star   Aliestar Star Icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2007 1:00 pm

Name: Aliestar Star Pronunciation: Alley-Ah-Star Star Occupation: President and Founder of Star Productions Gender: Male Race: Demon Nationality: Unknown Age: body=25 , born age= 1276 Date of Birth: Unknown Blood Type: Unknown Orientation: Pansexual Height: 7 ft. 2 in. Weight: 112 lbs. Eye Color: Glow Amber Hair Color: Jet black at tips but bright red at top
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Aliestar is cold and distant, never having any emotion. Peopl think he's prudent and stuck up. He tries to be evil but he has a pure streak. He has absolutely no emotion.
Born in Hell, Aliestar was one of the lower demons, torturing mortal souls and the like. For a demon, he was very good, and would be as nice to the mortals as he could without punishment. God saw Aliestar, and decided to turn him into an angel. "Being a lord in Hell is better than being a slave in heaven". He went through the mortal plane on his way up to heaven and therefore killed and consumed two innocent children on his way up. This made it impossible for him to go all of the way up to heaven, so he was forced to stay on earth. He dressed himself in the skin of one of the children he had consumed, and kept the soul intact, so that the body would grow as it naturally would. The body he had taken over was of a caucasian boy in Malaysia, and as he was new to the world and didn't know how dangerous it was, he was kidnapped and forced into being a sex slave. He was there for three years before Detective Darkly came stumbled upon the sex shop. The two of them helped each other escape and arrest the sex business. The two of them seperated and Aliestar grew up alone on the streets. He saved up his donations until he was able to start upa business plan. He bought a building where he slept in the back and sold things in the front, it was basically a convinience store. But he started to invent things and sell those items. After a while he started up Star Productions, a major corporation in which his inventions were mass produced. He started turning towards all forms of marketing, selling weoponry, clothes, food, tools, machinery, and everything else he could figure out. The only problem was that his body was starting to dteriorate and the demonic side was becoming more and more noticable through the frail human form.
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Aliestar Star
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