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PostSubject: Ozeria   Ozeria Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 5:34 pm

Ozeria is an empire made up of four kingdoms. Each kingdom is ruled by a queen with rumored magical abilities, causing them to be nicknamed, Witches. The Northernmost kingdom is the Kingdom of Chrystal, and it is controlled by the Lovely Witch, Jack. Her kingdom is by far the happiest and most prosperous of the four kingdoms, although it is also the smallest, as multiple wars have pushed the borders back on either side. The Western kingdom is ruled by Trinia, a manipulative witch who can get anyone to do anything for her. She owns a large majority of what used to be the Chrystal Kingdom. She rules the Kingdom of Ivory with a stern hand, forcing her people into hard labor. The Southern kingdom is the kingdom of Ebony, and it is ruled by Trinia's sister, Turtia. Like her sister, she is a strong dictator, giving high taxes to her people, and giving them decreased wages. The fourth is the kingdom of sand, and it was once the most beautiful of the four. But it's Witch, Moria, disappeared into the night, leaving her kingdom to fall into a large desert. In the center of the four kingdoms, is the Emerald Palace, where the emperor of Ozeria, known only as the Wizard, watches the entirety of his land.
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