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 Resolution Prison

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PostSubject: Resolution Prison   Resolution Prison Icon_minitimeSun Jan 06, 2008 5:00 pm

A myriad of different worlds and territories send their unwanted, their poor, their tricksters, thieves, sex offenders, murderers and very often their innocent to Resolution.

Resolution is a multi-tiered complex twenty miles square. The deep roots of the facility are mired in the cooling magma of the unnamed planet's surface, where the most unlucky souls end up, in theory carrying out maintainence work on the girders and support pillars but in practice gasping for the last short days of their lives through poisonous fumes and choking heat.

The first level is reminiscent of a sprawling suburbia, albeit a surburbia gone badly wrong. Houses stand abandoned. Ruins stand alongside thronging slums. The workers and great majority of Resolution live here, working at whatever jobs are dictated by prisoners on higher levels. Sex workers and narcotics are the strongest distinguishing factors of this, tier one.

Tier Two is built in the sky above Tier One, supported by four immense pillars that are also tower blocks. Upwardly mobile prisoners hope to rise up the towers to the next level. Housing is better, security is controlled by whichever gang rules the section. And there is more. Five more tiers rise into the perpetually grey and heavy sky. The fabled Tier Seven is the hope of all. Anyone who can prove themselves to be a truly elite citizen amongst the polished shops and entertainment complexes of Tier Six gets to leave Resolution forever to become a free citizen. There is no other way out. Whole families are raised im Resolution, and whole families die there.

There are no guards in Resolution. The authorities allow society to do all their work for them. Resolution is in short, almost exactly the same as any other society. Except Resolution doesn't pretend to be anything other than exactly what it is.

A prison.
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Resolution Prison
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